They fight to break the dominating bitch down

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Ready for unusual futuristic underground comics? There is a realm of cruel dominating Mistress who is never against giving some pain to her subjects. She invented the spiked dildo of truth and other blood-curdling torturing-machines able of ripping every love-hole you have beyond the point of repair. But beware, you, evil bitch! Somewhere by you side there is a brave young girl able of resisting your dirty domination! Tons of underground comics here!

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The institute of pain and pleasure

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Even if you think you’ve seen enough bdsm comics do not skip this wild story able of stunning you! Sabine has perverted adoptive parents who want her to get down on her knees and suck the Dad’s fat dick. The poor girl disobeys and finally the mature fuckers decide to take her to Berger University where naughty girls like Sabine are taught good sucking manners. To begin with the girl gets chained and drilled into her sweet anus by the Headmaster with a huge dildo. The next day a wicked Mistress is waiting for her… Only cruel and perverted porn comics in one place!

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She escaped from her village to get big fucking troubles

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Very often silly naughty girls become characters of violent comics! Julie was fed up with her filthy life in a village. She escaped into the city and met a very pleasant guy who was ready to protect her from every worry in the world, but as soon as they got into the car the charming guy got the foolish busty chick acquainted with his old friend and the lustful stud violently introduced the babe’s pussy and sweet mouth to his throbbing dong!.. Click here and get instant access to the large collection of bdsm comics!

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The dirtiest clinic ever

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You will be totally dazed watching these violent comics! A pretty busty babe gets into this expensive private clinic because she cannot reach a climax with her husband. The doctor promises to help and even queer rumors about the doc being ex-nazi do not stop the silly male. As a result the gorgeous frigid babe gets acquainted with Igor who starts treating the girl his own way. The treatment includes whipping, sucking enormous cock and having it violently shafted into her almost unused pussy… Full violent comics you will find here!

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Mother in law teaches his son’s wife a cruel lesson

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Imagine a cruel parallel universe where women exist to please men and fulfill every dirty desire they have. The character of our bondage comics is a naughty brunette chick who ignores every rule and chooses to have a lover rather than to suck her husband’s puny dong. Her mother in law secretly adores the brave chick and her behavior makes her very hot but she is terrified of the truth and tells everyone she is going to correct the wicked-minded slut… Collection of the best cruel comics wait for you!

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